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Givenchy Red Dress



Long Sleve Lace Dress



Valentino Skater Dress



Blue and White Shirt Dress

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Frequently Asked Questions


Discover the essence of Kenyan fashion at Vazi Fashion Store. Your top queries about our women's fashion store, answered.

How can I buy your awesome products?

To buy something in our Online Shop, just click the add to cart button and follow the cart instructions. You also can buy with a WhatsApp message or call us.

Are refunds possible?

We do not refunds but we do exchanges within 48 hours. Please contact our
Costumer Service.

I can't find my size or color

If you cannot find the size or colour you want, contact us. We’ll be delighted to attend to you!

How long does the delivery take?

In Nairobi = same day till maximum 24 hours. Outside of Nairobi 1 till 3 days.

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